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  • Academic Marathon 2024

    Three Levels of Academic Marathons since 2023


    Qualifying Round

    Exam: June 20, online


    Result Announcement: June 2024


    Continental Academic Marathons 2024

    Academic Hackathon: August 2 to 15, 2024

    Exam: August 16, 2024


    Result Announcement: September 2024


    International Academic Marathon 2024

    Academic Hackathon: October 10 to 23, 2024


    Result Announcement: November 2024

  • How to Participate

    All students in grades 9-12 are eligible to enter.


    • Registration Date: Before June 6, 2024
    • Registration Fee: Free
    • Registration Method:
      • Schools/Institutions* officially register at Academic Marathon with at least one appointed school adviser by submitting the school registration form: https://my.academic-marathon.org/#/accountForm
      • School advisers register students in the system or distribute the Student Registration Link for students to complete their registration independently. At least 3 students but no more than 10 students in each subject.


    * Education institutions will get the same registration status as full-time schools.

    Entry Fee

    To facilitate participation and recognize excellence, the Qualifying Round and International Round are free of charge. However, an entry fee of 330 SGD* is required for each student participating in the Continental Academic Marathon.


    *School advisers can apply the Fee Reduction for students who are qualified for the Continental Academic Marathon, which provides fee reductions at different levels according to the tuition cost of the school in different countries. The specific Fee Reduction policy will be released after the qualifying round.

  • Rules for Advancement and Awards

    The advancement and award rules outlined here specifically pertain to the same subject.

    Qualifying Round

    The results of the Qualifying Round are exclusively based on the scores in the One-Way Exam.



    • AM will determine the qualifying score for each continent based on the number of candidates and their performance distribution.
    • Students surpassing the qualifying threshold will receive invitations to participate in the Continental Academic Marathons.
    • The maximum number of qualifying slots for each continent is capped at 100.



    • Students within the top 60% of rankings in each continent will receive certificates of corresponding performance levels: Level 1 (Top 10%), Level 2 (Top 30%), and Level 3(Top 60%).
    • The top ten students in each continent's rankings will also receive additional special certificates.

    Continental Academic Marathons

    The Continental Academic Marathon performance is determined by two components: the One-Way Exam accounting for 30% and the Academic Hackathon contributing 70% to the overall scores.



    • The top 3 performing students in the Continental Academic Marathon will advance to the International Academic Marathon.
    • The 3 students who advance to the International Academic Marathon from the same continent will automatically constitute a continental representative team.



    • Students who rank in the top 10%, 30%, and 60% in the Continental Academic Marathon will be awarded Gold Award, Silver Award, and Bronze Award respectively.
    • The top 10 performing students in the Continental Academic Marathon will also receive additional special certificates.
    • Students who do not win the prize will get transcripts and certificates of participation.

    International Academic Marathon

    In the International Academic Marathon, three students from a single continent come together to form a team. They work collaboratively to create an essay, and the score for the essay represents their combined performance.



    • The team securing the top position is awarded the International Gold Award, the second-ranking team receives the International Silver Award, and teams ranking third to fifth receive the International Bronze Award.
    • All teams participating in the International Academic Marathon will be announced and recognized.
  • Subjects Open for AM 2024

    In the Academic Marathon 2024, there are six subjects available.

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    Academic Marathon

    in Mathematics

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    Academic Marathon

    in Physics

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    Academic Marathon

    in Chemistry

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    Academic Marathon

    in Biology

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    Academic Marathon

    in Economics

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    Academic Marathon

    in Psychology