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AM 2024


Registration Close

June 12, 2024

Qualifying Round

June 20, 2024

Continental Round

August 16, 2024

International Round

October 10, 2024


General Eligibility

  • Grade: 9 to 12

  • Subject: Each student can only participate in one subject.

Continental Round

  • Students above the cutoff score in each continent will be eligible for the continental round.

International Round

  • Top 3 scorer in each continent will be eligible for the international round and form the continental team.


In Academic Marathon 2024, there are 6 subjects available. 

Click on the subject name to get the sample questions for each subject.

Competitive Format

Academic Marathon 2024 encompasses two formats: the One-Way Exam and the Academic Hackathon.

A 120-minute exam comprised entirely of multiple-choice questions.

One-Way Exam

Craft an academic essay on a designated topic within 2 weeks. 

Academic Hackathon

The Qualifying Round solely features the One-Way Exam. The Continental Round includes both the One-Way Exam and the Academic Hackathon, while the International Round is dedicated exclusively to the Academic Hackathon.


One-Way Exam

The One-Way Exam is a new format introduced by AM in 2024 to enhance the competitive experience, building on the foundation of past exams. It is characterized primarily by two features: Single-Direction Progress and Real-Time Scoring.

Single-Direction Progress

Students must adhere to a predetermined sequence for answering questions, with no option to skip or revisit previously answered questions for modifications.


Real-Time Scoring

Upon submitting an answer, it is instantly evaluated for correctness, and the score is recorded. Correct responses contribute to the score, while incorrect ones result in corresponding deductions.

Academic Hackathon Explained

The Academic Hackathon challenges students to explore cutting-edge topics within the discipline and present their insights in the form of an academic essay.


The topics for the Academic Hackathon will be released two weeks in advance, allowing all participating contestants two weeks to complete their respective essays. Participants are required to submit their essays through specified means before the deadline. The submission details will be announced along with the topics.

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Academic Marathon honors and awards outstanding students for their exceptional performance in the competition. In the Qualifying Round and Continental Round, students in the top 60% receive certificates of varying levels, with the top 10 receiving additional recognition. In the International Round, the team that ranks first receives gold, the second silver, and teams ranked third to fifth receive bronze.

Qualifying Round

Certificate of Achievement

  • First Prize (Top 10%)

  • Second Prize (Top 30%)

  • Third Prize (Top 60%)

Certificate of Top 10 Scorer

Continental Round


  • Gold Award (Top 10%)

  • Silver Award (Top 30%)

  • Bronze Award (Top 60%)

Certificate of Top 10 Scorer

International Round


  • International Gold Award (1st Place)

  • International Silver Award (2nd Place)

  • International Bronze Award (3rd to 5th Place)


Qualifying Round

Exam: June 20, 2024

Result Release: June, 2024

Continental Round

Hackathon: August 2 to 15, 2024

Exam: August 16, 2024

Result Release: September, 2024

International Round

Hackathon: October 10 to 23, 2024

Result Release: November 2024



We welcome both Individual and Group registrations. Please choose the registration option that best suits your situation.

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Registration for 2024 International Academic Marathon has closed on June 12. Thank you for your interest.

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