• Levels


    Academic Marathon

    Continental Qualifiers

    One 2-hour session

    in one day


    Academic Marathon

    International Qualifiers

    Four 4-hour sessions

    in two full days

    International Academic Marathon

    International Final

    Four 4-hour sessions

    in two full days

  • Subjects at Academic Marathon

    For subjects open for a specific year, please refer to the annual guideline of the year.


    Academic Marathon

    in Geography


    Academic Marathon

    in Psychology


    Academic Marathon

    in Mathematics


    Academic Marathon

    in Biology


    Academic Marathon

    in Physics


    Academic Marathon

    in Chemistry


    Academic Marathon

    in History


    Academic Marathon

    in Arts


    Academic Marathon

    in Economics

  • Formats of Academic Marathon

    Marathon by Subject

    For every academic marathon, students can choose to participate in one subject's race. Academic Marathons of different subjects are held and challenged separately.

    Marathon by New Knowledge

    Academic Marathon is not testing students' existing knowledge. Students need to learn new knowledge during the challenge and answer questions accordingly.


    Academic Marathon provides a challenging environment on students' learning abilities instead of their previous invested time and energy.


    Marathon by Session

    For each Academic Marathon session, it is a complete and non-stop objective testing session that mimics the intensity of a marathon race. 


    Marathon by Individual and Team

    Academic Marathon can challenge individually by default at all levels. What's more, team awards will also be given at half-marathon levels and above.


  • Test students' learning abilities in depth and frontiers

    The Academic Marathon is a rigorous and challenging evaluation of a student's ability to comprehend, analyze and apply the latest discoveries and theories in a given subject area. Unlike traditional exams, the Academic Marathon goes beyond testing mere rote memorization of facts and instead assesses the student's ability to think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, and explore the frontiers of the subject. 


    With a focus on cutting-edge research and advancements in the field, the Academic Marathon presents students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter and push the boundaries of their knowledge. Whether it's in the realm of economics, biology, or any other discipline, the Academic Marathon is a true test of a student's learning abilities and intellectual curiosity.

    Academic Marathon invites professors and researchers from renowned universities around the world to serve as academic advisers. As experts and scholars in various fields, consultants provide great support for the design of the topics of the Academic Marathon.