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Registration for 2024 AM Has Officially Closed!

Registration for the 2024 International Academic Marathon has officially ended. The Mock Test is now open! Students can log in to the exam system to familiarize themselves with the new format and get some practice. Don't miss this opportunity to prepare and experience the new exam system.

Exam system:
Username: Student's email address
Initial password: impact

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Launch Meeting Held for 2024 AM Question Setting!

Today marked the kickoff meeting for the question setting process of the 2024 International Academic Marathon (Qualifying Round). All subject question setters have been briefed on the question requirements and are ready to dive into their tasks. With only 35 days remaining until the qualifying round, anticipation is building up! Are you ready for the challenge?

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The Resource Center is Open! Dive in to Explore!

We're excited to announce that the Resource Center is open now and thematic materials for all six subjects of the International Academic Marathon have been freshly updated and are now live in our Resource Center. Explore this year's captivating themes and get ready to sharpen your skills. If you haven't registered yet, now's the time. Don't miss out on the chance to dive into these resources and kickstart your preparation. Head to our website to register and access the materials today!

Account: Your email address

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Chemithon and Biothon Thematic Materials Available

This year, the theme for Chemithon is "The Chemistry of Renewable Energy" and the theme for Biothon is "Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology". Enhance your understanding and prepare for the challenge with these comprehensive resources designed to sharpen your skills.

The study materials are now live at our Resource Center. Log in with your registered account to get your copy:

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Mathethon and Biothon Sample Paper Released!

We're thrilled to announce that the new sample papers for Mathethon and Biothon are now available. Click the link below to get your copy! Utilize the sample paper to get familiar with the formats of questions in the One-Way Exam.



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Final Call: Deadline Extended to June 12

We have extended the registration deadline to ensure that no aspiring participant misses out on this year's event. The final opportunity to register is now set for June 12th.

We look forward to witnessing exceptional performances and celebrating the achievements of all participants in the upcoming IAM. Don't miss out – register now and prepare to excel in this prestigious academic competition.

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Sample Questions Now Live on Our New Website!

We are excited to announce that sample questions are now also available on our new website. Get familiar with three of the four types of questions featured in the International Academic Marathon by exploring these samples.
* Subject Fundamental Question
* On-site Learning Question
* Subject Advanced Question

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Mathethon & Physithon Thematic Materials Launched

This year, Mathethon takes on the intriguing topic of "Blockchain and Its Math," while Physithon explores the fascinating world of "Optics and Optical Communication."

Our newly launched study materials are your passport to understanding these advanced subjects. Designed to challenge and educate, these resources will be your guide to mastering the topics.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the complexities of modern mathematics and physics. Access these materials now and give yourself the edge you need to excel.

To access, log in to the Resource Center:

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Psychothon & Econthon Thematic Materials Ready!

Our latest thematic materials for Psychothon and Econthon are now available for download. Deepen your knowledge on this year's captivating themes: "The Power of Social Influence" for Psychothon and "Gold, Dollar, and Inflation Dynamics: Unraveling the Interplay in Global Finance" for Econthon. Access and explore these resources to gain a competitive edge!

To access, log in to the Resource Center with your registered account:

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Physithon and Chemithon Sample Paper Available Now

We're thrilled to announce that the new sample paper for Physithon ( and Chemithon ( are now ready for download. Navigate to "AM 2024" and then the subjects section to get your copy! Access and explore these resources to gain a competitive edge!

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