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An Adventurous Academic Learning and Contest Experience


A Challenge to Stretch Academic Bounds
An Arena to Unleash Untapped Potential

Embark on a global adventure with thousands of brilliant minds worldwide.


Each year, thousands of brilliant minds compete in Academic Marathon. Starting from 2019, Academic Marathon has witnessed a total of 16,652 exceptional students from 29 diverse countries and regions showcasing their brilliance and potential. Are you ready to be part of this? Join today!


Latest Updates

Registration for 2024 AM Has Officially Closed!

The Mock Test is now open! Don't miss this opportunity to prepare and experience the new exam system.

Final Call: Deadline Extended to June 12

For those who have yet to complete their registration, this is your last chance to join the ranks of the brightest minds and compete in the newly revamped IAM.

Launch Meeting Held for 2024 AM Question Setting!

All subject question setters have been briefed on the question requirements and are ready to dive into their tasks.

Discover the Rich Tapestry of AM Question Types

At AM, we offer a dynamic pool of questions. Prepare for a diverse and demanding array of question types in the Academic Marathon. Here's an overview of the four categories awaiting you! Access sample questions.

Grasp the essentials! These questions tap into the foundational knowledge that aligns with the 9-12 grade curriculum for your chosen subject. Solidify your understanding of the basics to build a strong competitive edge.

Master the Basics

Subject Fundamental

Learn and conquer! Each question presents a new knowledge point introduced just before you tackle it. It's all about quick learning and immediate application—show us your ability to adapt and solve on the spot.

Learn on the Fly

On-Site Learning

Dive into the thematic! Prepare to engage with questions curated from materials released by AM pre-exam. Deepen your thematic knowledge by exploring the official resources and expanding your study beyond the classroom.

Explore the Thematic

Thematic Material

Push your limits! These questions challenge your extracurricular knowledge, stretching your expertise slightly beyond the classroom curriculum. They're the pinnacle of the competition, designed to bring out the best in you.

Stretch Your Expertise

Subject Advanced

01 AM ECONTHON PD2F_edited.jpg

A Path TowardsAcademicExcellence

Empowering Students

Foster academic growth and personal development through competitive and immersive learning experiences.

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Engage in hands-on learning experiences that complement traditional education.

Recognition and Awards

Receive recognition for your academic achievements and stand a chance to win prestigious awards.

Why Choose Academic Marathon

"Participating in the Academic Marathon was like unlocking a part of myself I didn't know existed. The environment was electric, and it was incredible to see how much I could achieve when I let go of my inhibitions and just let my knowledge flow. It's truly an arena that allows you to shine."

——Mohammed, Egypt

An arena to unleash untapped potential.

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Reach out to us for any inquiries or to learn more about our upcoming events and competitions. We look forward to connecting with you.

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