• About Academic Marathon

    "Academic Marathon" is a new initiative that

    discovers students' potential through an immersing and challenging event.


    Just like "Marathon Running Race", "Academic Marathon" holds similar spirits and

    takes students' academic learning to a completely new level.


    Academic Marathon is not only about the championship

    but also about extending students' limits in academic learning and exploring their own potentials.



  • How is Academic Marathon different?

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    Push students to limits and beyond

    Set new levels of learning intensity

    Marathon is called "a marathon" because it asks participants to run 42KM long distance, which pushes people to their limits and beyond, no matter physically or mentally. It is an event for people to challenge themselves and discover their new potentials.


    Similarly, for students, Academic Marathons challenge students academically and intelligently at a new highest level. Students need to digest and learn brand new knowledge at higher academic levels in the tests and consume a great volume of information within longer challenging hours.


    Through such a challenge, students will greatly push their potential limits further and significantly improve their focus, perseverance, endurance and academic strength.

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    More of a "Learning Experience"

    By "Material-based Testing"

    Just like "race marathon events", people join marathons more for exercising and challenging themselves instead of winning a medal.


    Similarly, academic marathons are more to encourage students to learn from the event than to push students to challenge themselves. Such a philosophy is reinforced by the "Material-based Test" of Academic Marathons. The academic marathon challenges will give out instructional materials onsite to the questions in the test paper. Students do not need to prepare specific knowledge for the challenge in advance. The format will relieve students' pressures in challenge participation and preparation.


    Through the challenges, students will show their comprehending and learning abilities as well as harvest new knowledge through the event itself. It is like a "marathon running event" in an academic learning environment.

  • Why do students need Academic Marathon?

    To go to the path towards academic excellence

    Towards Academics


    To test students' academic capabilities

    Unearth Potentials


    To discover students' own potentials

    Research at an Advanced Level


    To learn new knowledge

    Building Connections


    To connect with professionals and other students

    Prepare for college and higher education

    The experiences at Academic Marathon are quite similar to what students will experience in TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, College interviews, College academics and research readings in even higher education.

  • Why do teachers need Academic Marathon?

    To develop long-term research, thinking and professional skills of students

    Student Interests


    To stimulate students' interests and motivate students

    Mastery of Subject Matter


    To have students master a broader scope of the subject, then with better grades performing.

    Subject and Reading Comprehensions Skills


    To deepen students' subject comprehension

    Long-Term Learning Habits


    To enhance students' endurance of learning

  • Providing equal opportunities to students

    Open to everyone.

    Every student, no matter gender, age, race or ethics, can choose to take part in Academic Marathon activities. Academic Marathons should be open to every student and should not discriminate.

    Fair challenge for talents

    Academic Marathons do not need students to prepare in advance. The questions do not test knowledge that students need to memorize and comprehend in advance. All knowledge tested will be given during test.


    Students with more resources, earlier preparation or extra studies will not be advantaged during Academic Marathons. With other challenges, students perform well just because they devote more time in advance. In Academic Marathons, only students' talent and abilities will be tested.

  • History of Marathon-spirited activities

    The spirit of the marathon in academic and other learning activities has been found for quite a long time.

    Marathon-spirited events are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

    Thanks to these marathon-spirited activities, we found the inspiration to Academic Marathon.


    The term literally means "Hacker Marathon". In 1999, the team at Sun Corporate for the first time named a programming activity at JavaOne conference as "Hackathon". Now "Hackathon" has been a widely accepted and popular intense and challenging creation event for programmers worldwide.


    The term literally means "Environmental Marathon". As the largest high school eco-science academic challenge, Envirothon was initially known as the North America Environmental Olympics and then renamed Envirothon in 1988. Compared to being an "Olympic" game, "Envirothon" carries the spirit of Marathon and encourages students to explore and learn in an energetic and intensive way.


    The term literally means "Philosophy Marathon". The "Philosothon" was initially invented and developed in Australia in 2007 as a high school challenge to promote higher-order thinking among secondary schools. Recently the Philosothon activities have successfully expanded into the UK and New Zealand.


    The term literally means "Engineering Marathon". The "Engineerathon" was just recently invented and discovered in the USA as a new engineering learning activity for kids and young students. Students are expected to learn new engineering projects and do engineering challenges in the Engineerathon event.

    Business Marathon

    In 2018, the well-known Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis School of Business and Economics hosted their “Academic Marathon”- inaugural international case challenge Oct. 7-13. The challenge gathers nine academic teams from China, Mexico, the US, Hungary and Canada to research and solve real-world business problems known as “live cases” under immense time constraint.

  • What does teachers and students say

    about the Academic Marathon Test?

    "They really like the format of the challenge. They like that it was split into sections with some reading materials that related to the questions being asked."

    Deanna, Academic Marathon adviser, Guangzhou, China

    "Academic Marathon is a good format of learning new knowledge. Students can navigate themselves and find the right answers by their own, which can improve their learning ability."

    Lee, Academic Marathon adviser, Jinan, China

    "The challenge does not require heavy preparation and relieves both teachers and students. Students will focus on the learning process itself."

    Zhang, School Principal, Shanghai, China

    "The challenge is quite similar to TOEFL and Pre-SAT. I feel that it is testing my learning ability in an academic subject instead of testing my previous knowledge in mind."

    Emily, Academic Marathon runner, Hangzhou, China

    “I have not taken part in that many online contests, but I think I can safely say that it is of great importance that organizers go to great lengths to give participants the experience of face-to-face competitions. I am glad to have been able to take part in this international academic marathon."

    Madalin Andrei Vizitiu, Academic Marathon runner, România

    “I really appreciate the opportunity. Never expected to do as well as I did. I found the timer mechanic very important for practice at dealing with examinations under pressure. I really enjoyed taking the test, and I find it a great initiative, so congrats y'all.."

    Jan Śliwiński, Academic Marathon runner, United Arab Emirates

    “Well organized and a great international experience and exposure for students, even in testing COVID-19 times. We will definitely be participating again!"

    Rida Akram, Academic Marathon adviser, Egypt

    “It was a good Psychology competition because more than the topics, you took into account the students' skills to comprehend and analyze the topics."

    PREMIERE ACADEMY LUGBE ABUJA, Academic Marathon adviser, Colombia

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